The Custom Whims Mod by MissyHissy at Mod The Sims 4

missyhissy custom whims sims 4

The whims in this mod have been split off from The Personality Mod and now have their own package. This mod now will have new whims added to it often to fit in with some of my other mods.
The whims on their own won’t do anything in the game; you need mods that add custom whimsets using these whims installed for them to show up. This mod literally just contains custom whims; it’s whimsets that cause the whims to show. Mods that use these whims in their whimsets include: The Personality Mod.

missyhissy custom whims sims 4

M3gan sims 4 cc with gloves

M3gan Costume Custom Dress by Mima Busowg

anto ursula sims 4

Ursula hair by Anto at TSR