Recent – Vera Plant Set by Sims4Nicole

Vera Plant Set by Sims4Nicole

Sims4Nicole – Plants: Vera Plant Set.

7 New Meshes,
Each Item Has 1 – 3 Swatches.


Objects, Miscellaneous, Plants: Sandy’s garden set – Around the Sims 4. “Yes, that old rattan armchair that you already saw in an Advent calendar has always been very uncomfortable, curving your neck, killing the cervical, it’s also wonky, so it’s been banned from home. But it lives its best life as winter jasmine holder, set on a pallet to avoid too much moisture. In garden, it’s under the cherry tree, where there’s also the bird feeder. So, at the feet of the tree, we have installed a bath for birds & squirrels. It has a piece of wood in it to allow any other animals to get out of water easily. I have a lot of pots where I don’t put plants anymore because summers are now too dry and hot, so I now use the pots as surface to put my cup of tea, my book… but also so “dry garden sculpture”, like small filled with pine cones and branches, or remarkable pieces of wood (that I haven’t redone here…) There’s several of these in the garden to indicate “warning, here, there’s an interesting plant!” But what I wanted the most to redo my garden was bellis perennis. I’m using the latin name because I don’t think there’s a different word in english for Leucanthemum vulgare, tall daisies that flower during summer, and bellis perennis, those short daisies that flower almost all the time. To be home, I had to make ivy ground cover, less high that from base game, and coming in several shades of greens. Do you know that ivy is very rich in saponins and that you can make laundry soap with it? It’s actually what I do. I have a perpetual stock of future laundry soap with all that ivy running under the trees! There’s also that trunk slice that we once grabbed back from a walk in the woods that I’m using to sit, when the ground is too wet, so it became a meditation stool in Sims 4, not so far from the truth! The brick… aw, perfect to put other pots, drinks, books… It comes from my other favorite places, the one I finally didn’t make in Sims, with its pieces of woods, because I came to think… “but who cares of that?!”, which is exactly what I’m thinking again after all that babble! “

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