Basemental Drugs Sims 4 Adult Mod (NSFW)

basemental drugs sims 4

=== Changing World ===

  • Changed prices on a regional basis
  • New batches of pills out on the streets


=== Headshop/Dispensary ===
  • Headshop is now dispensary in legalized regions
  • Better and specialized cannabis fertilization added


=== General Drug Tweaks ===
  • New sentiments for Sims who shares drugs
  • Tripping mood added for Amanita Succubaria
  • Cigar buffs now lasts longer than cigarette buffs


=== Hookah (Optional Package) ===
  • All strains added to Hookah
  • Tobacco added to Hookah


=== Alcohol ===
  • Spike punch fountains
  • Spiked punches will get Sims drunk quick
  • Added lot trait to turn bars into juice bars


=== ADHD Revamp ===
  • Added a bunch of occasional buffs for the ADHD Trait
  • Changed the ADHD trait icon
  • Hyperfocus added
  • Added social interactions and responses related to ADHD


=== Fixes / Other ===
  • Added new kits to the drugs log
  • Changed spawn point for Selvadoradian coke dealer
  • Bladder need gets depleted quicker for Ketamine addicts
  • Debug interaction added to fix issues after prison sentence
  • Fixed issue with newspaper
  • Tuned down chance of Teens coming home from school with drugs
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