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Top Featured Sims 4 Strip Club with Real Experience

There are lots of Sims 4 Strip Clubs available but we have two of the best strip club mods for you, it has a great building with stages that are fully luxury furnished. Include a Cocktail Bar, Restroom, Stages, Private Room, Public Dance Stage, Vending Machines, and More Executive things. If you know about Wicked Whims Mods, you must know to get to work with this more, it can be used in Strip Club Mods too.

Required Mods:

For additional use, we have a huge collection of lingeries that can be spiced up in Strip Club Mod.

According to the Best Modders, these Strip Club Mods are the best and have real experience, so let’s start to make your own customized club and have fun with friends.

1. Luxury Strip Club

One of the Popular Luxury Style Sims 4 Strip Club has luxury furniture, royal textured walls, a huge size building, a premium sofa, and more things that make it luxurious.

Inspired by the Location of (San Myshuno) Property (Waterside Warble)

sims 4 strip club sims 4 strip club sims 4 strip club sims 4 strip club

These are a few images of the Luxury Sims 4 Strip Club with Luxury Styles.

Download it Now:

Download “” – Downloaded 1012 times – 918.43 KB

2. White Rabbit Strip Club

Get something crazy stuff with the special edition of Sims 4 Strip Club White Rabbit Strip Club it has lots of awesome people, crazy style, new features, bars, activities, tasks, and lots of stuff that will be unforgettable for you.

While customizing we have lots of clothes, wall styles, furniture, objects, accessories, and more, Lana cc Finds has 100K+ Sims 4 CC for everyone and is free.

This mod required some other mods like Wicked Whims.

Download It Now:

Download “” – Downloaded 820 times – 1.65 MB

Instruction to Apply these mods in your Game:

  1. Select “Include Custom Content” in library
  2. Choose the “White Rabbit Strip Club” and “Luxury Strip Club” lot from your library
  3. Use cheat code before placing “bb.moveobjects
  4. Click “place lot” and place the house on the plot.
  5. Buy a strip club with your phone by entering any of your sims.
  6. Set the stage doors indicated in the last image for employees only and select “Assign Lap Dance Spot” on the seats shown.

If you face any Issues, you can comment below on this Blog.

Marble Table Set Sims 4 furniture by MONO

Marble Table Set Sims 4 furniture by MONO

Stardust Outfit (3 versions) by lanathellama418

Stardust Outfit (3 versions) by lanathellama418