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Free Download – TS4 Cottage Living Sim Download by Miss Ruby Bird

TS4 Cottage Living Sim Download by Miss Ruby Bird

TS4 Cottage Living Sim Download by Miss Ruby Bird TS4 Cottage Living Sim Download by Miss Ruby Bird v TS4 Cottage Living Sim Download by Miss Ruby Bird v TS4 Cottage Living Sim Download by Miss Ruby Bird

Sim Models, Females, Males: TS4 Cottage Living Sim Download – Miss Ruby Bird.\Delphine Bouchier
YA // Business Savvy // Hates Children // Confident // Snob
Who is this mysterious, elegant French Lady that appeared in Henford-on-Bagley over night!? Surely she must have a secret.. just wait till the locals find out she is quite the well known actress in France, who left the country in a rush after getting mixed up in a rather ominous if not dangerous scandal…. and while Delphine is lying low and plotting her next move, she keeps to herself and her flowers and hopes the neighbours and especially the neighbours’ children don’t stick their noses in her roses or her business.

Rosa Mansouri
YA // Alluring // Non-Commital // Self Absorbed // Squeamish
Henford-on-Bagley is not really big enough for Rosa. There is nothing she likes more than attention and with such sparse population sometimes attention is hard to come by! Rosa is a bit of a princess, she HATES bugs and mice and, well, basically all animals and she is notourious for her string of heartbroken lovers who haunt her nightmares. Just kidding, Rosa isn’t thinking about her old affairs, she’s thinking about buying a new dress to impress Cai, the cute new guy in town who doesn’t seem to have noticed her yet and that just won’t do!

Jonas Teeluck
YA // Gregarious // Cheerful // Bookworm // Neat
Jonas is a staple in Henford-on-Bagely, you couldn’t imagine the town without him. He owns the local what’sitshop where you can just pop in to grab your next crime novel (just ask Jonas for a recommendation), some loo roll or homemade biscuits and of course a friendly chat with Jonas who always has a cheeky smile, a funny story or some good advice for you. Jonas is just a really cool, laidback dude who doesn’t let the world phase him and who has found his personal little slice of heaven in Henford-on-Bagley.

Lilly Lindgren
Elder // HomeTurf // Art Lover // Hotheaded // Perfectionist
Just like her parents and grandparents, Lilly has lived in Henford-on-Bagley all her life, she is one formidable lady, albeit with a bit of a temper, and she knows everything about everyone, whether they like it or not. Some say she basically runs the town, even though the mayor surely wouldn’t like to agree. You’ll have a hard time keeping your secrets to yourself and Lilly is already on her way to have a bit of a chinwag with Delphine, to find out what brings her to this part of the world, you know? That’s not nosy, that’s just neighbourly! Especially, if you bring a homemade cake along!

Cai Sabry
YA // Collector // Materialistic // Loves the Outdoors // Romantic
Ooh boy, did it just get hot in here? Yeah, but that’s just July, you say? It’s probably also to do with the arrival of Cai Sabry, the mayor’s son, who has moved back to Henford-on-Bagely after graduating from Foxbury University. Cai likes to think of himself as one suave dude and he’s already got his eye on the local talent (in particular on a certain shop owner who makes fantastic biscuits) but he’s not just here to have fun, he’s dedicated to making more out of Henford-on-Bagley, spruce the place up a bit! So, who knows what the future will bring and what the residents will say when they hear about Cai’s plans!

Milly Rowland
YA // Gregarious // Goofball // Romantic // Vegetarian
Henford-on-Bagely may often be overcast by dreary rainclouds but you’re not going to notice when Milly is around. Sweet Milly is a regular ray of sunshine, always has a smile on her face and you’ll often find her sauntering the market waving at the locals and stopping for a chat here and there. Milly knows everyone and everyone loves Milly and her whimsical and warm nature, except for maybe Rosa, who secretly envies Milly her popularity. And although Milly may come across as lighthearted and carefree, flirting with the local boys at the pub, she has a secret, too, she just can’t stop thinking about the girl with the raven hair and the stawberry earrings..

Ani Mae
YA // Collector // Loner // Loves the Outdoors // Animal Enthusiast
You probably won’t see much of Ani, she’s a little shy and prefers the company of her chicken and cows. She’s outside all day and you’ll only find her at the pub on special occasions but never without her best friend Milly. The two share and connect over a deep love for animals and Milly can often be seen sitting in the sun at Ani’s cottage, chatting to her friend while Ani feeds the animals and tends to the garden. Ani is a hard worker and is currently saving up to buy a Llama to complete here little family, oh, and she might also be a teeny tiny bit in love with her best friend..

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TS4 Cottage Living Sims Part 2 by Miss Ruby Bird

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