Mystic Trait by MissBee at Mod The Sims

Mod The Sims – Mods / Traits: Mystic Trait by MissBee.

Mod The Sims – Mods / Traits: Mystic Trait by MissBee.

Mystic sims are more in tune with nature and the energies around them. These sims tend to be calm and balanced, but can occasionally get lost in their own thoughts. This trait is located in the Lifestyle Category.

This trait incorporates the herbalism skill from Outdoor Retreat, but should not need that pack to work. It will need Spa Day for the wellness skill, Parenthood for the calm emotions interaction, and Realm of Magic for the spellcaster skill. That said, I do have all of the expansions and stuff packs in my game, so when I tested this trait it was with all of the packs included. If you run into any problems please let me know, as it is entirely possible that I missed something! This mod was tested and is working with Patch 1.69.

What does it do?
This trait uses the Loves the Outdoors autonomous actions and combines that with boosts to nature and magic-based skills.
Mystic sims will build fun from practicing magic and will see increased skill gain (x2) for gardening, herbalism, wellness, and spellcaster XP gain. However, they will occasionally experience a +4 dazed buff and will become tense if they go too long without meditating or practicing yoga.
The trait will generate whims to garden, keep bees, practice herbalism, do wellness activities, light incense, and dance around bonfires.
This trait is available for teens through elders.

1. Centered: A little mindfulness and {0.SimFirstName} is feeling centered and calm. Sims will receive this +2 happy buff when meditating or practicing yoga. While centered, sims’ negative emotions will decay at a faster rate.

2. Out of Balance: {0.SimFirstName} is feeling out of balance from going too long without centering themselves. Time for some yoga and meditation! Sims will get this +4 stressed buff if they go for 48 hours without performing any wellness activities, and will lose it upon doing any wellness activities. While out of balance sims’ negative emotions will decay slower.

3. Connected with the Unseen: {0.SimFirstName} is feeling connected with the mystical energies of the world. It’s like they’ve become one with the spirit of nature and magic! Sims will get this +3 happy buff while performing magic or crafting at a cauldron and will gain fun while it is active.

4. Lost in Thought: {0.SimFirstName} is lost in thought about the unseen world, they can’t be bothered with reality right now. Sims will occasionally get this +4 dazed buff.

Mystic sims will be able to utilize the Calm Emotions interaction from Parenthood on other sims.

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