Occult Aspiration Pack at Frenchie Sim

Frenchie Sim – Mods / Traits: Occult Aspiration Pack.

Frenchie Sim – Mods / Traits: Occult Aspiration Pack.

New Aspirations + Traits rewards for Occult Sims.
A new “Occult” aspiration category with a new aspiration for each following Occult Sims type: spellcasters, vampires, and mermaids.

You’ll need the following packs to unlock these Occult Sims:
EP07 Island Living
GP04 Vampires
GP08 Realm of Magic

This mod is fully translated in English (it’s a bilingual mod English/French).

The new “Occult” Aspiration category:

Spellcaster aspiration: Son/Daughter of the Night
With this aspiration, Spellcasters can prove to The Mother of the Night that they’re worthy of being granted with immortality and many other benefits. Once they complete this aspiration they get a new trait:
The Son/Daughter of the Night trait give some positive buffs to spellcasters during the night. They get the Mother of the Night’s blessing all night long which make them focused. At midnight, The Witching Hour, they get an extra happy buff for 2 hours. And doing some witchcraft during the night make them inspired.
With this trait, they also get the Ancient Bloodline Trait, and won’t age after becoming Young Adult.
Sons/Daughters of the Night also increase their skills and romantic relationships 2x faster.
But there’s a cost being this powerful: the other Sims near a Son/Daughter of the Night, if they’re not Vampires or Spellcasters, will feel dazed during the night.

Vampire aspiration: Vampire Son/Daughter of the Night
Vampires are already immortal, so they won’t get immortality when completing this aspiration. But they’ll earn a new trait and other benefits!
As the Mother of the Night is also the vampires protector, vampire Sims get quite the same buffs than spellcasters. They also get the Mother of the Night’s blessing. At midnight, it’s the Vampiric Happy Hour, which make them flirty for 2 hours. Using some vampiric powers (like creating a new vampire) during the night give them an extra happy buff.
Vampire Sons/Daughters of the Night also increase their skills and romantic relationships 2x faster. They recover their vampiric energy 5x faster and increase their Vampire Points 2x faster.
Vampires Sons/Daughters of the Night will also make other Sims feel dazed during the night.

Mermaid aspiration: Moon Child
Mermaids will also be granted with immortality when completing this aspiration and earn the Moon Child Trait. They won’t age after becoming Young Adult, and will earn some other benefits.
Mermaids will feel the Moon energy during the night and be happier. They also will feel inspired when swimming under the moonlight, or energized when diving at night.
They’ll earn in addition the Sulani Mana trait.
Moon Children increase their skills and all their relationships 2x faster.
These Sims are so filled with positive energy that Sims around them will feel inspired.

This mod works well with the great Expanded Mermaids mod by sp-creates​.

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