Popular – ngo Plant by Nynaeve Design

ngo Plant by Nynaeve Design

ngo Plant by Nynaeve Design

Plants: Daya Mango Plant – Nynaeve Design.

You’ll get 2 plants and 4 pots. 2 of the pots are around 10k polys, so if that’s not your thing, I added 2 low poly options.
The plants come in 8 lively colors. The pots have 12 swatches.
Low poly, optimized for low-end computers. Base game compatible.

You can choose if you want the plants in a pot or without.

Add a dramatic statement to your sim’s home with this elegant mango plant that will bring a tropical feel to any indoor space. The plant’s bright green color contrasts wonderfully against white pots, which makes it the perfect choice for a minimalist interior.


Plants: STICKY RICE – GLUTINOUS RICE – Icemunmun. Can be found under ‘Misc Appliances’ . [ Search for ‘Rice ‘ the search bar for easy access] Can be found from Seed packets Cost – 5 simoleons Can be planted and harvested Glutinous Rice is tagged as a a herb , so can be eaten raw or used in recipes which require herb as a cooking ingredient. (Custom recipes to come ) Eco pack compatible University compatible ( can be stored in dorm chest) Compatible with RoM spells and Island Living conservationist career. Can be sold using City Living Craft sales table, Grocery market stall Toddler compatible Pets Compatible Growing season : Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Compatible with SCCO Rice tag

Latest – STICKY RICE – GLUTINOUS RICE by Icemunmun

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