Mod – Roommates Keyholder by KAWAIISTACIE

Roommates Keyholder at KAWAIISTACIE

Roommates Keyholder at KAWAIISTACIE

  • This mod overrides the key holder system in the game and turns it into a roommate system. The keyholder system will work the same way except they will have an option to stay the night whenever they want.
  • Rent will be $500 per roommate weekly. You will have to manually collect rent from each roommate. You use the calendar to keep up with when you have to collect rent from that sim again by creating a fake holiday. The menu won’t pop up unless it has been a week. 
  • Roommates will be able to go to work and school. They will also be able to leave the lot whenever they want to and return whenever they want too.


  • You can travel with your roommates or even invite them to your events.


  • Your roommates are still NPC’s so you will see them filling in the spots and events whenever the game needs an NPC. Your own roommate might be a part of the welcome wagon, the bartender, the random nightly visitor, the walk-by in the neighborhood, or even the bouncer at the lounge.


  • If your roommate hasn’t been home and it’s rent day then you can invite them to your house to collect the rent.


  • You will get a notification when your roommate leaves the house or apartment. However, I’m not sure if it will be the same if you are off the lot and they leave.


  • These are inspired by Mimi from sims bust is out.


  • Since you decide who the “keyholder” is you will be able to choose who your roommates are. You can even make them in CAS and visit them to give them the “key” to your place.


  • If your roommate doesn’t come home one day don’t worry they will be back as long as they still have the key.


  • If you have “vintage glamour” you should be able to assign beds to your roommates.


  • There’s nothing creepy about taking pictures of your roommate while she is sleeping.
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