Slice of Life Mod by Kawaiistacie

slice of life mod by kawaiistacie

One of the Most Popular Sims 4 Mod – Slice of Life Mod is made by Kawaiistacie, this mod has lots of features to make the sims more realistic and fun. Slice of Life Sims 4 mod will set the Modern system in the game like cellphone, and social media, that works according to your Sims Mood. This mod applies to every sim even the NPC sims. With this Mod you will be the pro.

Download the Slice of Life Mod

This mod has a lot of sub-mods, but first of all, you will need the Base of the Slice of Life Sims 4, so we will help you install it from the beginning. As the Kawaiistacie, has appearances changed the system, Personality system, Emotion Overhaul, Menstrual Cycle, Health and Fitness System, and more. Here’s the list of all of the mods.

Required The Base File Updated First.

List of the Appearance Changes:

  • Cuts & bandages when injured.
  • Red cheeks when drunk.
  • Dirty hands with they are filthy.
  • Bruised face when losing a fight.
  • Gaps when losing teeth.
  • Red face when sims have to puke.
  • Pimples when having acne.
  • Blushy face when Flirty.
  • Teary eyes when sad.
  • Blushy face when embarrassed.

Personality System Works:

Now your sims can have different personality types which are based on human personality types. You will be able to choose between 16 personality types or let the game autonomously choose one. If you aren’t interested or don’t want certain sims to have a personality type you can either remove this system or use the option to prevent that sim from getting one.

Sickness System Works:

Your sims can catch colds/flu, stomach bugs, a WTD (infection), and get a headache. You can also pass these sicknesses and NPC sims.

Memory System Works:

memory system at kawaiistacie


With the new memory system, your sims will now be able to remember things that happen to them,

but like all memories, some of them will begin to fade. However, your sims will always be making more memories so don’t worry about the forgotten memories.


Menstrual Cycle Mod Works:

Menstrual Cycle Mod Works at kawaiistacie

You will get a buff that lets you know the official start date of your menstrual cycle. Your sim must be aged teen-adult to be able to get their cycle. The cycle will last for 2 sim days and will come back 12 days afterward.

In-Game Changes:

  • Get Drunk System: Your Prayer Might get drunk anytime and it can be different types of Drunk.

get drunk mod at kawaiistacie

  • Get Acne: Sim can get acne and pimple according to the mood and gameplay.
  • Skin Care: Your sims can do skin treatments and encourage other sims to do the same. These skincare treatments will protect your sim from future acne and there’s also a 30% chance that it will get rid of current acne and give you a skin benefit.
  • Better Phone: You will have a better phone! It will work similarly to the social media mod! You will have to click on your sim to use it. More options will appear when you have certain relationships or when your sim is in a certain mood.
  • Lose a Tooth: Children will be able to lose teeth! They will have missing two front teeth every time though. It happens when children are eating.
  • NPC Invite: Get invited by your friends to all types of events. You will be able to make new friends or bond with your current friends.

NPC invite mod at kawaiistacie

  • Apps in the Phone: Apps will help build different types of skills! For example, if you have the explore mod you can build the money skill with the game app! If you don’t have the explore mod it will just build the logic skill.

apps in the phone mod at kawaiistacie

Here is the list of all the Slice of Life Mod Packs: ( Link to reach the Official Website )

MysteriousOo at TSR

MysteriousOo at TSR

EUPHORIA SET by Cassie Pigtails

EUPHORIA SET by Cassie Pigtails