Vegan trait by Zoles21 at Mod The Sims

Mod The Sims – Mods / Traits: Vegan trait by Zoles21.

Mod The Sims – Mods / Traits: Vegan trait by Zoles21.

Base game compatible.
Both core and script mods should be enabled for this trait to work properly.
This is a CAS Lifestyle trait.
Age restrictions:
This trait is available for children and up.
Social interactions:
This trait has five special social interactions:
* Talk about Veganism (Friendly)
* Enthuse about Tofu (Friendly)
* Discuss Animal Rights (Friendly)
* Joke about Seitan (Funny)
* Vegan Pick-up Line (Romantic)
Computer interactions:
Sims with this trait can “Research Plant-based Nutrition” on a computer, which will let them gain Gardening and Herbalism skill, boosts their Fun need, and may trigger them to become Focused.
Sims with this trait gain the Gardening, Herbalism and Veterinarian skills faster, and the Fishing skill significantly slower.
Sims with this trait’s Energy need decays slightly slower, since they don’t consume energy-depriving animal products, and their Bladder need decays slightly faster, since their fibre intake is higher than Sims without this trait.
Relationship Track Multipliers:
If Cats and Dogs is installed, Sims with this trait will build relationships with cats and dogs faster.

Proximity Buffs:
Vegans get happy around other Vegans.
The Vegan trait has many whims related to gardening, eating or preparing vegan-friendly foods, and pets.

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