Fish Are Friends Mod by KAWAIISTACIE

Fish Are Friends Mod at KAWAIISTACIE

This mod is an override, it adds new interactions to the aquarium/fishbowl including a minor breeding feature. Interactions are anonymous which means you’ll see your sims and NPC fully interacting with the fish! There is a chance that you will get moodlet/buffs from interacting with the fish. The animations used are borrowed from other interactions in the game currently since I am not an animator.

Bonus: There is a chance that your fish will have eggs. Interacting with the fish increases your chances and also having a high fishing skill level. The fish will be random so this breeding feature is not as detailed as it could be.

Mod Summary:

  • More fish interactions,
  • Collect more fish,
  • Build the social motive,
  • Build the fun motive,
  • Get moodlets/buffs from interacting.


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